Sunday, 18 October 2009


Nerv iPhone logo, the nerv logo you see on screen is taken from an ident made for the main website by me.

During my time at Nerv i was heavily involved with the development of iphone games, below is some links to some of our titles, all of which are available to download from iTunes.

Taxi Jam title screen which i made, fellow designer and all round top geeza Mark Boston did the top title text, smart guy that Boston, mad Illustrator skills!

Bongo Fever title screen, it looks even prettier when its moving so go check it out while its free to download

The two games I did graphics and animated for was Taxi Jam and Bongo Fever, the below links will take you to their main homepages where you can also see the trailers which i made for each:
Screen shot from Bongo Fever.

Here are some screens from the new levels included on the multiplayer update for Taxi Jam, the new maps are Tokyo (complete with Godzilla) and Sydney, the update also features a multiplayer co-op mode which kicks ass, as I find the the game so damn hard having a chum to help comes in handy.

When I was tiny, like 6, I used to design computer games on scrap pieces of paper and send them off to games companies, they never wrote back. Needless to say I've been dreaming of doing this stuff since the early age of binge drinking Calpol and eating Rusks. To be involved in these projects and to make a game as a team which relies on graphics that i made is unbelievable, if I had told my younger self one day we would be animating and designing games that people would pay money for and would be seriously reviewed by professionals, I'm sure i would have freaked out and somehow fucked things up by now, I'm glad i didn't cos its working out so far. Sorry i said fuck.

We had lots of game ideas that never came to fruition, below are some concepts from games I designed for but we never made, this is like the cutting room floor, this blog was made so i could showcase this kind of stuff without it being completely forgotten, get used to seeing a lot of the unused crap and designs i do on here...

'Rex-Treme' was a stunt man mini game I designed for the iPhone though the project was abandoned, I'd like to say it was never finnished due to some kind of dramatic reasons but it was something dull like we didnt make enough money, but lets say it was becuase we lost a programer in a chemical fire, thats way cooler. Either way the project may well be resurrected when the time is right.

screen shot from Rextreme.

iBarber was a hairdressing game designed so the player could shave and abuse crazy characters and celebrity's hair. I did a whole range of character designs for this i might upload them later but this was the title screen and some screen shots of in game. Again this may be used again in the future so don't steal these ideas, i'm not making empty threats we'll just sue your ass, we have like an army of lawyers....

we don't really have lawyers, but we have a Pert, and if we send him round your gonna be screwed in all kinds of ways. A simple probing or sexual harassment, you'll decide. If you don't know who Pert is it means your not cool enough.