Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Zombie Batman & Joker

This was going to be a Halloween post but I never got round to doing it, I really wanted to draw batman and the joker as zombies, these are taken from rough ass sketches I did and I fiddled about with them in Photoshop. I love Batman so much, and I love zombies, why not merge the two...

Blood & Rockets

I've missed updating a few months of the Cheltonian but I was pretty pleased with the style of the last two so I thought I'd pop it on here. The editor is a surprisingly easy going guy for someone who runs a classy magazine, he let me put blood, violence and a rocket in a horse's arsehole for recent issues so he's a stand up guy in my books.

This was the issue during which the bankers were taking massive bonuses so I drew shadow chasing down bank mangers with swag bags and chopping them into bits. Political satires brilliant isn't it...

The editor came up with the horse's name Sphincter Surprise which I was shocked and delighted by.

Where The Wild Things Were

To promote the movie adaptation of 'Where The Wild Things Are' a Yowl Booth toured the country. (Yowl is like a howl and a yell, makes more sense if you see the film...) Inside this booth kids or adults would go inside and 'yowl' as loud as they could at a large TV screen which showed a tranquil woodland scene similar to that in the movie. The louder participants yelled the more destruction would impact the forest, at the end the people in the booth was given a marks out of ten and told how loud they yowled.

You can see an example of this in the link below or at the top, tho I find screaming children extremely annoying so i wouldn't recommend watching for too long.


Screaming kids locked in a booth sounds sinister but at Nerv we had to make the visuals for the on screen animation. Below is some screen shots from the final animation I made, the images don't really do it justice as hundreds of leaves and branches whirled around in an intense way but just being involved with a Spike Jonze film to this tiny degree was awesome! Though animating it did nearly kill me, still im better now....