Saturday, 28 November 2009

Im in print baby!

I got the opportunity to draw a monthly cartoon for the local Cheltenham based magazine 'The Cheltonian.' Never having done this kind of thing before i leapt at the chance, and the money! A huge thanks goes to Mark Boston and his talented wife Alice for passing my details on to the chief editor and getting me the job.

Initially the comic was to be a monthly satirical observation piece. Based on the postal strike, which was a hard hitting issues at the time, I made up a dog character bored waiting for the postman which the editor liked and only asked that the dog be based on his own dog and it be renamed to Shadow, i suppose basing a comic strip on your own dog is the sort of powers you have when your a top magazine editor. Above you can see my credit in the front of the mag as well as a photo from the final image.

This is a digital version of the first issue's cartoon.

this was the original dog character design, it was later dropped so that the dog could look more like the Editors mutt.

This is a sneak peek at next months issue, the style has changed and it all looks a bit more shiny, id like to say that it was for creative reasons but i was in a massive rush and this is just what came out. Consistency really isn't my speciality, either way I'll post each months cartoon issue on here.