Friday, 17 September 2010

Xbox 360 XNA Indie game project

In game Screen Shot, with concept lens flare and HUD system. But this is the game!

I've always wanted to make computer games. I used to draw up shitty long winded ideas on scraps of paper and send them off to Amiga game's company's like Ocean. I was five at the time and I imagine my ideas were laughed at by the adults there. Here i am now tho on the cusp of being 24 ,developing my very own Xbox 360 Indie game.

Making games was a reality for me for a short with with making iPhone games, but i didn't have enough creative control for it to be called mine, and there was never enough zombies.

Tho this dream has now been realised by an equally life long dedicated gaming fan Pertti Soomann, he's a genius programmer from Estonia who looks like a viking and is just as mean when sitting behind a keyboard and blasting the loudest metal Ive ever heard through his headphones into his oober brain.

We started this pet project together, me designing and him coding and we came up with this game idea. We've set up a game company name and a separate website so more will be explained and shown off there but for now here's some in game graphics and concept art.

This is the fully animated hero sprite for our game, we have a ridiculous amount of guns such as shotguns, Uzis, massive machine guns, flame throwers and swords. Its gonna be off the hook!

Another fully animated enemy sprite, your gonna have to kill a lot of crazy ass zombies in this arcade zombie survival shooter.