Friday, 17 September 2010

Nerv Motion Graphics

At Nerv I've been putting together some new After Effect techniques to show off on our site.
Here's some screen shots from the final video, which is still being edited and cut together.

As an animator and Illustrator its nice to fool around in After Effects sometimes, its very different messing about with filters and controls to create sweet HD video. At Nerv I get to do all sorts, its awesome!

I really like the flowery Ident bit, sometimes you follow tutorials and use plug ins but this selection of screen shots are all made from me just fiddling with stuff and are more unique then other motion graphics you see ripped off from Video Co-pilot, i loved the colours on the Ident image, its really groovy. Fuck I can't believe i said groovy, this blog is really losing its edge. Next week its spin art with dead baby kittens, that'll blow their minds. Well at least the 3 people who read this, my blog is so lonely.....
I'll put the link up to final thing when its live....